Benefits of Indirect Observation

February 21, 2012 in Customer Behavior, Demand Generation, Processes, Product/Market Fit

According to Laura Johnson, even indirect observation is a very useful tool for determining consumer product viability. By having your customers document immediate reactions with your products, you are able to gain a wealth of consumer insights data.

The Top 5 ways indirect observation can benefit your company:

1. Tap into areas of your customers’ thoughts that are generally unobserved.
2. Make your customers feel that they are playing an integral part in your product development and innovation. A sense of involvement gives customers a feeling of belonging and loyalty.
3. Researchers gain insights with consumer data they might not have expected. More fodder is created for future observation projects.
4. Your company is better able to make its services and products run parallel with your target customers’ wants and needs.
5. Your customers are able to show you their emotional thoughts with product association. This is especially beneficial because typically target customers only reveal their analytical, rational thoughts. The “why” of their purchases is revealed, and thus the foundation of a competitive business advantage is gained.

Source:, “Technology, indirect observation yield insights”, Marketing News, May 15, 2007, Pages 25 and 27

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